All Aluminum Custom Engine

All Aluminum Custom Engine

Aluminum Rotary

REC has recently developed procedures to convert your rotary engine to a completely aluminum engine block. You may have noticed one of our claims on the home page of this website is "home of the all aluminum 3 rotor engine". In 2006 Mazda discontinued the large center housing exclusive to the 20B engine. Since then, REC has developed our own two-piece aluminum center housing to replace the no longer available (NLA) Mazda engine part. This piece can be used to directly replace the standard housing of a stock engine assembly.

However, REC has dedicated hundreds of hours of time to use this piece in conjunction with another manufacturers 13B side housings to create the all aluminum three rotor engine. There are many special modifications and needed man-hours to enable this creation to work. Whether you own a racecar or are building an airplane, the lightweight and excellent cooling system characteristics makes the all aluminum engine an excellent choice.

Our latest developments using aluminum components is to do what has never been done before, an all aluminum 4 rotor engine. That's right! 4 rotors... with an aluminum block! This beast will be available in peripheral port configuration only.

We also take pride in our ability and expertise to put together 2 rotor 13B aluminum engines as well. Many of our inquiries expressed an interest in building a peripheral port aluminum engine for naturally aspirated road racing.

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