Bridge Porting

Bridge Porting

Standard Bridge

REC offers a few different varieties of bridge porting. Recommended for race engines only, the purpose of bridge porting is to add up to 165° of additional intake duration. Within all the varieties of our bridge porting a second intake port is cut alongside the main port yet leaving a partition between the two which is referred to as the bridge. This “bridge” functions as the remaining surface which will support the corner seal and the end of the apex seal while passing over the intake ports.

The first type of bridge porting we offer is our standard Bridge port which can be performed with all four intake ports (primary and secondary) referred to as a “full bridge” or the same standard Bridge port can be performed on the secondary ports only, refer to as a “half bridge.”

Either choice requires porting and finishing this work on the end housings only. In combination with installing the bridge ports themselves, REC will perform all the necessary port work and polishing to open up the main ports for optimum flow.

Bridge Port

Cost on 2 Rotor Engines

Full Bridge: $745.00
Half Bridge: $480.00

Cost on 3 Rotor Engine

Full Bridge: $1120.00
Half Bridge: $720.00


The next type of bridge porting which REC offers is referred to as “ J-Bridge” porting. This is where an even larger Bridgeport is installed allowing even more flow and increasing power above 9500 RPM. The J-bridge port design requires us to cut away material on the rotor housing also. These cutaways or “notches” are cut back far enough into the rotor housing that they will interfere with the groove for the inner water jacket seal. REC has developed a unique method of filling in the water jacket area with a steel epoxy which can then be re-machined to detour the O-ring groove around the port itself.

This type of bridge porting is typically performed in a full bridge configuration only. Just like the standard bridge we will perform all the necessary port work and polishing to the main ports for optimum flow.

All prices below outline only the costs of each individual task mentioned above.

Cost for J-Bridge Porting

Same as Standard Bridge Above.

Notching the Rotor Housings

$220.00 (per housing/2 sides)

Epoxy/Re-Machine O-Ring Groove

$395.00 (per side/2 ports)