Eccentric Shaft Polishing

Eccentric Shaft Polishing (E-Shaft)

For high-performance street and race applications we strongly recommend in our practice to super polish the shaft. Using a special high-speed 10,000 RPM belt polisher we can achieve a superb finish on all bearing journals on the shaft. Using various different belt grits we can remove imperfections and wear them restore the shaft to new like quality. This process also aids us to be able to accurately measure the journals after polishing so we can determine the appropriate bearing size required. In some cases where a greater amount of clearance is desired but the available bearing sizes do not permit the extra clearance needed, we will actually have the crank ground to the spec needed to achieve that size. After the crank is ground we will then polish the shaft for optimal finish.

Some of you may have a collection of E-shafts which are questionable if they can be reused. Some of the wear or burnishing may deceive the appearance in quality of the shaft yet in fact, with a good polish, they may be able to be restored and put back into service.

2 Rotor Cost: $65.00
3 Rotor Cost: $95.00


E-Shaft Damaged


Polished E Shaft