Exhaust Sleeve Upgrades

Rotary Exhaust Upgrades

20B/FD Exhaust Sleeve Upgrade

At REC we have developed a special technique for removing the very restrictive factory 20B exhaust sleeve and upgrading it to a standard free-flowing 13B Turbo sleeve. The sleeves are very tricky to remove and within our removal process we can extract the stock roll pins and replace them at the same time. Our prices include all the labor and the replacements sleeve itself. This modification is recommended for all performance street and race engines.

Cost: $69.00

Rotary Exhaust Sleeve

Exhaust Sleeve Port Removal

If you have the need to run your header or turbo manifold without the factory sleeve located in the exhaust port of the rotor housing. REC has a special technique to remove these sleeves without damaging the roll pin bores. There is no doubt that without special equipment these are very tricky pieces to remove.

*The sleeve will not be salvaged when removed as it is damaged during the process.

Cost: $24.00