Race Porting

Race Porting

Our race porting service is what we refer to as our stage 3 street port. This is the stage where more emphasis goes into enlarging the exhaust ports and the secondary intake ports are taken as far as they can go without cutting into the water jacket. In some cases the primary intake ports become equal in size to the secondary ports except in cases where the water jacket will not allow. We have measured an increase in flow of 16% to 32% using flow bench equipment.

Short of switching to a bridge port or peripheral port, stage 3 is the most effective method to achieve power on side port intake applications.

Final polishing is performed afterwards.

Race Port
Race Port Side

12A & 13B 4 Port N/A Engine


13B 6 Port Engine


13B Turbo Engines


20B 3 Rotor Engine


*note: All 6 port engine will be modified to remove the 5th and 6th port sleeves and an insert is installed to take their place. Special port techniques need to be performed for proper operation and to maximize flow.