Rotor Housing Lapping Services

Rotor Housing Lapping Services

REC offers a variety of side housing services in order to aid in restoration of the side housings which will in turn offer back performance and longevity benefits.

Surface Grinding

When refinishing end housings which have excessive overall wear or stepped wear, it is sometimes necessary to surface grind the plate before lapping. This process also helps square off the trueness of the plate allowing the final lapping process to be more accurate.

Note* in cases where the wear or stepped is excessive enough to need surface grinding, it is likely that the factory hard nitride top layer of the housing will be removed. Re- nitrating the housing will be necessary if restoring the factory hardness is desired.

Avg. cost per face: $95.00


REC performs a traditional and very accurate process referred to as lapping to the faces of every side housing. While some shops use conventional grinding equipment to resurface side housings, we believe the best way to achieve a superior finish is to lapp each surface to a minimal tolerance.

Providing the best quality surface allows the best sealing and the least amount of wear of the corner seals and side seals. Our lapping process has proven to offer one of the best finishes we have seen. A combination of custom-built equipment and a proprietary blend of special lapping compound helps us achieve this superb finish This surface also provides optimal oil retention and the least amount of friction. In our practice we aim to remove a maximum of .0025 in to minimize reducing the thickness of the housing and to retain the nitride factory hardness built into the first layers of the casting.

Avg. cost per face: $55.00

Cermet Lapping & Diamond Coating

Similar to our conventional side housing lapping cermet lapping is designed strictly to resurface the housings coated with our race cermet coating. Because cermet surfaces are substantially harder than traditional nitride treated housings, a slightly different process is needed. Cermet coated housings need to be lapped on a riding surface which is coated with cermet itself. We then need to apply diamond lapping compound which is substantially more expensive than traditional aluminum oxide compound. The lapping time required to do each face is also higher.

Avg. Cost per face: $115.00

Sonic Cleaning

Sonic cleaning takes place after lapping. With a combination of fine grit and lubricants found within the lapping compound, it can be very difficult to properly clean the faces of freshly lapped side housings. Our cleaning process will ensure that the riding surface of the housing along with all oil galleries are free from this compound.

This cleaning surface allows us to bag and then deliver the housings back to the customer in a "ready to use" state.

Avg. cost per place: $19.00