Rotor Housing Refinishing

Rotor Housing Refinishing

This service is a procedure which we have been using and refining on our own projects for the past 15 years. We are now offering this service to the public.

This is a process where REC will clean, inspect, measure, glass bead and then refinish the factory chrome surfaces.
This server is a great alternative to throwing out potentially reusable housings. If your housings are in good shape, this could save the cost of two brand new housings, but still achieve OME performance.

This service is also a great way to fortify the quality of the housings you had already planned to re-use.

Our Rotor Housing Refinishing service is not a re-plating or coating service. It is a process where we work on the factory chrome surface on your actual housings.

Before Refinishing

Rotor Housing Refinishing Before

After Refinishing

Refinished Rotor Housing

The housing refinishing process is;

  • Very Affordable
  • Generally around 2 day turnaround
  • The service is compatible with all types of apex seals
  • Some rotor housings will not qualify for grinding
  • This service is NOT applicable to housings that are damaged from seal failure

If you are interested in the service you will need to email us the following information;
- Describe the use and expectation of the housings.
- Describe any known mileage of the housings and any concerns about the condition of the chrome surfaces.
- Please also include photos of the housings so we can make sure this service is applicable.
- REC can offer any paint color we have available (powder coating is an additional cost) *Paint included with PROMO code

Please call of E-Mail Us to discuss the details on proper packaging and shipping.

PROMO Price: $69 per housing.

Promo code available through out YouTube video.

Regular pricing of $99.00 per housing.


The PROMO price is based on a minimum of 2 housings. Shipping charges are not included. If for some reason you housings do not qualify for refinishing after we have received them, we will not be responsible for shipping costs to us. Please make sure thorough pictures are provided prior to shipping to ensure your housings will qualify.