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& Our Promise To You

rotaryengine.com is a division of its sister company RX7 Specialties, which does all rotary car servicing, performance and engine building. REC (rotaryengine.com) is the title which RX7 Specialties used for the part of the business which specializes in engine building, engine parts and engine services. Celebrating our 25th year in business, REC is now offering our parts and services at wholesale direct prices to all of our customers.

In recent years, we have built our reputation on offering already low prices for the highest quality of services and parts. Now is the time for REC to give back to our exhisting and new customers by extending further reduced prices and an even larger selection of performance parts and services. We would also like to take the opprotunity to thank all of our past clients for their business whom have all helped make it possible for us to offer yourselves and new customers wholesale prices on all parts and services. We contribute much of our sucess and longstanding business to our repeat clients along with all of your positive feeback. To show our appreciation further, REC is now offering a points system whereby each purchase you make will give you a certain number of “rotary points”. This way, your repeat business not only benefits us… but it will benefit you to collect enough points to use as future store credit. Our attitude is “you’ve earned it”, so take advantage of your loyalty to our business and use your points from future purchases to order a free part or service.

Photo of REC Shop
Rotary engine balance setup

*Our goal is to offer you the best selection or parts and services while saving you money without compromising quality.

*Our guarantee is offering the lowest price on any OME Factory Mazda rotary engine part and being able to help you with any of your rotary engine needs.

We believe that we can offer you the most innovative and extreme parts, modifications and services that rotary engine technology has to offer today. Do it once and do it right. We thrive on strength, performance and longevity.

To date, we have become well known for our strong internal products, apex seals and any engine durability modifications which have brought our engine results to the next level. Many rotary extremists and racers who use our parts and services have given us the credit to being a key to their sucess.

Along with our super strong apex seals which are used in the some of the worlds fastest RX7 drag cars, our engines and engine technology have been seen in many other winning race cars and happy RX7 owners. Anything from 12a aspirated road racing cars… to 3rd gen turbo circuit cars… to top fuel drag cars… and 20B 900HP street cars… we have been a part of it all.

With the largest selection of engine parts and the “in house” machinery and equipment, we have the availability to turn around your order in the quickest time. We inventory rotors, housings and rotating assemblies which have already been modified and re-shelved so we can fill your order right away. If we don’t have a modified part or assembly readily available, we can usually turn it around within days, and sometimes hours.

We bring parts in from Japan every week so don’t hesitate to ask us for help obtaining parts which are labeled “out of stock” in your area. If you need it fast, we can probably get it faster then anyone else.
Our buying power with Mazda has increased linearly each year we grow, and although most vendors experience price increases, many of our top selling items have remained the same price for 5-10 years or more. The more we buy, the more we save. And therefor, the more you buy, the more you save. We will extend further discounts to any products you purchase outside of your original enquiry. In many cases, if you order an engine for example, we will extend you 10-15% over cost on all other related items for your project. If we can get what you are looking for and we can buy it cheaper… we are happy to let you take advantage of our buying power and put the savings in your pocket.

Our commonly ordered engines are normally left disassembled so the customer has the availability to add modifications or choose different service options to obtain the exact specifications desired. All of the shelved sub-components are already prepped, cleaned, measured and inspected and ready for install into your engine. This allows us to go the maximum distance toward a complete build without actually assembling the engine itself. Sometimes time is of the essence and some customers need something now but dont want to be committed to buying an engine that lacks one or two mods which are important to them. So leaving the engines un-assembled… but have all the sub-components “ready to go” has proven to be the most efficient way for us to get you exactly what you want in the least amount of time

Mazda FD RX7

Most of the engines we build these days use the highest quality new parts where the strength or performance is absolutely necessary, and then re-use parts where our experience shows us no compromise to quality…but saves you money.

Some builders show you that you cannot expect a quality build when re-using parts. Our experience has proven that we can build very high quality engines without replacing everything. So for this, we have acquired a large selection of very high quality re-useable parts which are cleaned and refurbished to high standard quality. We also know that when affordable, “nothing beats brand new”… but re-using and modifying used parts does not mean you should have low expectations.

So we have made it our goal to suit everyone’s budget and recommend the best ways to spend your money. Sometimes it is just not possible to accomplish what your goal build is for the money you have allocated to the build. We like to see customers be semi-realistic with their expectations. So our expertise will open the doors to spend your money where it needs to be spent and focus mainly on what is realistic and keeping your goals in mind all the way through the build process.

We have really surprised some of our customers as to what we have been able to do for them even though they had low budgets. If you dont ask, you will never know. So feel free to express your goals in detail no matter how much you have to spend, and we will make sure we do everything we can to support your choices and help you get what you want.

Feel free to E-Mail Us directly for free advice and over the phone quotes using our toll free hotline.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you in any way we can.


Adam Heyman
Engine Builder