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"Our REC apex seals proven to be the strongest on the market"
- Currently used in the top 3 world record Fastest drag RX-7's.

"We Guarantee the Best Prices on all Rotary Engine Parts"

rotaryengine.com your #1 location for the best rotary knowledge and parts.

*all prices listed in USD.

The slide show below contains images of some products and services exclusive to REC

Red 20B Engine
Rotor Housings
Chrome Pulley
Custom Water Pump
Pink 13B Engine
Polished Engine Parts
Custom Throttlebody
Blue 20B Engine
Aluminum Rotor Housing
13B Rotary Engine
Rotor Tattoo
Polished 20B Engine
Blue 20B Engine Assembly
Pink 13B Engine
20B Subframe
Lower Intake Manifold
4 Rotor Rotary
4 Rotor Rotary
Polished 20B Engine
Racing Clutches
3 Rotor Balancing
Rotor Lightening
Red 13B Engine
Turbo Parts
Upper Intake Manifold
Blue 13B Engine
REC Apex Seals
Suspension Parts
Fuel Rails

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