Oil System Upgrades

Oil System Upgrades

Dowel Pin Passage Blocking

This procedure is actually a part of a service we offer called "External Oil Feed Modification" whether you are planning to do the external oil feed modification yourself or require the "dowel pin passage blocking"for some other reason, this service can be purchased separately.

12A & 13B Cost: $165.00
20B Cost: $255.00

Dry Sump Systems

REC does sell two types of dry sump kits for both 2 rotor and 3 rotor engines, but there are some modifications necessary outside of just installing the kit. Oil gallery modifications, oil passage matching and external oil feed modification are all part of the work necessary to carry out a dry sump package. REC offers all the necessary services.

Center Bearing Installation

The description of this service covers the cost of machining your factory center housing to accept the center bearing for the X-Treme Rotaries two-piece eccentric shaft Kit.

Relief Valve Shimming

This modification is a requirement when running an oil pressure regulator which has a rating higher than stock. Simply, once the pressure regulators changed, shims must be added beneath the pressure relief valve spring located in the front cover of the engine.

Cost: $9.00

External Gear Fee Modification

This modification is recommended strictly for racing. It can be performed using standard oil pump and oil pan or dry sump applications. Within this procedure we will enlarge the diameter of the oil feed galleries located in the end housings and stationary gears. It is also important to carry out the "Oil Passage Matching" procedure.

Once these two procedures within this modification has been completed, we then move to blocking the upper dowel pin oil passages located in the front and rear end housings. This procedure will prevent oil from traveling internally through the hollow dowel pins.

Last, #10 AN fittings are threaded directly into the sides of the end housings to provide a direct external feed to the stationary gears and bearings. An oil filter blocking plate along with a remote filter system (and optional external pressure regulator) are necessary when performing this modification.

This entire process is a much more reliable way to increase flow and the lubrication to the engine bearings. It is highly recommended on all high rpm track and circuit race engines. It is a mandatory process when running a dry sump system.

12A & 13B Cost: $580.00
20B and 3 Rotor: $875.00

External Oil Pressure Regulator Modification

There a few engine configurations where this modification is either recommended or is absolutely necessary. Dry sump kits would be one example where an external regulator is mandatory. REC's aluminum engines would be another. Typically, if you are buying a kit or engine from us which would require this regulator, it would be installed on the engine already and included in the price.

In configurations where it is recommended you eliminate the oil filter adapter and thus utilize a remote filter system, you might want to consider using an external oil pressure regulator. In many race applications where an additional oil reservoir or custom oil sump is designed, we will again use an external regulator allowing us to discharge the oil through the side of the customs sump or reservoir.

The last reason to implement this modification is to have easy access to the regulator to make adjustments to the oil pressure so you can increase or decrease according to your requirements.

#10 Regulator: $245.00
#12 Regulator: $285.00

E-Shaft Polishing

For high-performance street and race applications we strongly recommend in our practice to super polish the shaft. Using a special high-speed 10,000 RPM belt polisher we can achieve a superb finish on all bearing journals on the shaft.

Enlarge Oil Filter Passage

Whenever choosing our "Oil Passage Matching" or "oil passage mod" services, it is recommended that we at least check, or correct any misalignment issues. Although it is normally the oil pedestal on the rear housing which requires the most corrections, if the misalignment is bad enough, further corrections to the oil filter adapter itself may need to be addressed.

If alignment corrections are not necessary, you may still want to increase flow to the oil filter adapter itself. This can be done in conjunction with "oil passage of mods" and is recommended for all performance engines using a stock location oil filter.

Cost: $26.00

Oil Gallery Mods

Very similar to a procedure within our "oil passage matching" modification, this is where we enlarge the diameter of the oil galleries... or portions of oil galleries located in the end housings. This modification simply increases flow and will help supply more oil to the subcomponents and the engine bearings. This modification can be done in conjunction with the other tasks that are necessary to complete "Oil Passage Matching" or "External Oil Feed Modification."

Pricing ranges depending on the number of galleries modified. For more information on pricing please read the "Oil Passage Matching" and/or "External Oil Feed Modification" section or you can also E-Mail Us directly.

Thermopellet Bypass

Although this modification is simply an available part, we recommended for all 86 and later 13B engines. Mazda factory engines are equipped with a device located in the front of the E-shaft called a "Thermopellet." It is a type of valve or thermostat which allows the engine oil which cools the rotors to bypass the rotors while the vehicle is warming up. This allowed the engine rotors to heat up faster allowing for better and more complete internal combustion when the engine is cold.

Although the manufacturers concept was a good for efficiency and emissions, the valve itself has been known to be problematic. If the valve fails and does not open after the engine oil has warmed up to operating temperature, it can cause the rotors to starve for oil cooling and cause massive overheating conditions.

REC manufactures a replacement part or "slug" which simply takes the place of the existing thermopellet. This allows the oil to take only one path. Although we lose the factory thermopellet function, it secures reliability and insures the rotors will never overheat.

Our bypass slug is unique to others we have seen in that it uses a sealing o-ring which sits in a groove to prevent oil from leaking past the E-shaft gallery.

Cost: $11.00

Although this modification is simply an available part, we recommend it for all high rpm racing engines. This regulator should be installed in applications where three window or multi-orifice bearings are used. It is also an essential component when using our "2 piece center bearing style E-shaft". When doing this upgrade it is also necessary to shim the front cover relief valve spring which compensates for higher spring tension to match the rating of the pressure regulator spring.

Cost: $110.00