Engine Porting

Rotary Engine Porting

REC offers several types of porting and polishing. With 20+ years of experience we can offer you some of the best porting techniques to maximize flow and increased power. We believe we go the extra mile to give you the very best in our industry at very competitive prices. We have surely seen that you get what you pay for when it comes to porting. Although some shops define their work as offering very large ports… bigger does not always mean better. We will take the material off where it is absolutely necessary at the same time concentrating on attention to detail to maximize flow and making all the ports equal.

Bridge Porting

Bridge Port

Recommended for race engines only, the purpose of bridge porting is to add up to 165° of additional intake duration. Within all the varieties of our bridge porting a second intake port is cut alongside the main port yet leaving a partition between the two which is referred to as the bridge. This “bridge” functions as the remaining surface which will support the corner seal and the end of the apex seal while passing over the intake ports.

Street Porting

Street port

We offer 3 types of Street Porting. Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3.

Race Porting

Race Port

Our race porting service is what we refer to as our stage 3 street port. This is the stage where more emphasis goes into enlarging the exhaust ports and the secondary intake ports are taken as far as they can go without cutting into the water jacket.

Peripheral Porting

Peripheral Port

REC much prefers peripheral porting over bridge porting. However, we do understand that some race class rules restrict you to your choices. Although bridge porting consists of heavy labour charges and actually exceeds the cost of peripheral porting, our P-port option involves strictly the cost of the PP housing itself.

Match Porting

Exhaust Match Porting

This is a technique to smooth out transitions from one component of the intake or exhaust to another.